national seminars training review

If you’ve ever had a job longer than five minutes, you know that training is crucial. Thanks for hiring me, now how do I do my job? Different companies have different strategies for training their employees: structured in-house training programs, on-the-job… Continue Reading

a message for the class of 2020

Incoming freshmen: listen up. If you think a college degree is a surefire way to land your dream job, you’re in a for a rude awakening. When you graduate in 2020 with a B.S. in total BS (e.g. Art History), good luck paying back those student loans. College may teach you the knowledge you need for a future job, but it won’t necessarily teach you how to do it. You need skills and some experience to snag even an entry-level gig. Continue Reading

bad day? 8 ways to pull yourself together

Oh, Monday. You suck. But a work-related meltdown can happen any day of the week. What do you do when you spill coffee on your silk blouse, send the wrong file to a customer, miss a deadline, and get chewed out by your boss (all in the same half-hour)? While my immediate reaction is to find the closest liquor store, I’d also like to keep my job. Momma said there’d be days like this. Here are eight ways to never let ’em see you sweat. Continue Reading

what to wear to your next job interview

You must leave your high-end accessories at home if you want to be hired. While no one should judge your competence based on a wedding ring, or the car you drove up in, it happens. A monogrammed handbag and Louboutin’s can also send the message that your salary requirements are high and maintenance level even higher. Stay label-free for an interview, and park your Lexus at the end of the street. Continue Reading

shrm-cp/shrm-scp exam: my experience

My advice to prepare for the SHRM-CP is to read every word of those textbooks for like, a year. If you live somewhere that offers a study group or class that provides in-person preparation, do it. Take the practice tests everyday, and flash those freakin’ flash cards until you’re reciting definitions in your sleep. Especially focus on the different behavioral/situational theories, risk management, and the outcomes of an effective training program. Continue Reading

8 ways to make your resume suck less

Your resume is your brand, people. It bears your professional soul. You wouldn’t post to Instagram unless your perfectly-filtered photo wasn’t well, perfect. Approach your resume the same way you would your profile and put your best self out there. Continue Reading

my career crush

So many women turn down opportunities because they fear they won’t have time to manage additional responsibilities that do not yet exist. Why are you obsessing over a fulltime job, board memberships, charity commitments, community involvement, a social calendar, planning your wedding, and how you’ll get the kids to soccer and ballet when you don’t even have a boyfriend and zero offspring? Continue Reading

the one thing you shouldn’t wear to work

Why are ya’ll still wearing flip flops to your place of business? I have most recently witnessed metallic gold Jack Rodgers and, while I know you think you’re cute, I don’t know why you want to spend $125 to dress like a college sorority girl. You are a grown ass woman with a professional job. Bearing your feet among coworkers and clients is the opposite of professional. Continue Reading