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How am I so late to the Jen Sincero party? I just finished her book, You Are a Badass, for the third time (in a row). I first listened on the Audible app during my morning commute and while climbing the Stairmaster. Half-way through, I’m like “get me ten hard copies ASAP.” Had this brilliance existed in my early twenties, the travesty that was my life from 2009 to 2011 could have been avoided.

Jen is a New York Time’s best selling author, career coach, and former hot mess. Jen claims she was once a total loser whose ultimate goal was to become an international rockstar, but her zero balance bank account sort of got in the way of that. She also dabbled in being a lesbian for the sole reason that nothing else was working out for her. Hot mess.

I’m totally obsessed with Jen and her theory that your mindset is everything. Every chapter will call you out on your shit and force you to search your soul. Her words will inspire you to dig deep and deal with the mommy/daddy/ex-boyfriend issue that is keeping you from greatness. She explains that there are tons of regular peeps out there, who aren’t Beyoncé, yet they’re living totally awesome lives doing whatever they freak they want to. They’re living lives of abundance because they told their subconscious minds to sit down and shut up. Here’s a little snippet:

“When you up-level your idea of what’s possible and decide to really go for it, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it, as well…I’m talking about expanding your beliefs about what is available to you in all areas of your life.”

you are a bad ass jen sincero

So, basically, if you want the job/the promotion/the raise/the corner office/whatever, believe in advance that it’s a done deal. The “if you can believe it, you can achieve it” shit is real.  Meaning if you think you suck, you probably do. If you think you’re a bad ass, you totally are.

Get this in your Amazon cart immediately. Also, do yourself a favor and watch Jen’s promo video. The cameo of her dad at 0:46 is adorbs. Her YouTube channel is also full of awesome content that will have you kickin’ ass by tomorrow’s budget meeting.

Have you read You Are a Badass? Tell me how Jen Sincero changed your hot mess ways. Go!



A former hot mess bringing you no-nonsense career advice. I’ve been hired, fired, demoted, and disrespected; and it was entirely my fault. I’ve made every possible professional mistake and want you to learn from my screw ups, so you can have the career of your freakin’ dreams.

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