how to cure the sunday blues

The Sunday Blues are real, ya’ll. Not all of us have a job that makes us what to spring out of bed on a Monday morning. Most dread the upcoming workweek and all that comes with it: your boss, your email, your obnoxious co-workers, and “how was your weekend?” The same as last weekend, Shelia, thanks. Hearing this question five times in a row (and at 9 a.m.) is enough to cause a downward spiral of anxiety and depression. Before you grab the Xanax, check out my list of remedies for your Sunday evening ailments.

  1. Sunday Runday. Melt away anxiety with a good sweat sesh. Get moving and release tension with a run, hike, spin class, or your favorite physical activity – anything that engages your mind and body. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be like, bring it on, Monday.
  2. Netflix Marathon. Binge in bed with a series of Netflix documentaries and take-out. You’re allowed to do this every once in a while. Immerse yourself in murder mysteries, and you’ll totally forget that your responsibilities commence in the a.m.
  3. Meal Prep. If you stay completely stressed with all your to-dos during the week, use Sunday to alleviate your workload with meal prep.  Make a big batch of chicken, veggies, and rice, then cross dinner off your list. It’s one less thing you have to worry about Monday-Thursday (Friday is for pizza delivery, duh). You can do the same thing with your outfits; pair your pants, skirts, and shirts for work and pack your gym bag, so getting ready can be mindless.
  4. Have some “me” time. Sunday is my day for self-care. I lounge around with coffee, take a bubble bath, slap on face and hair masks, and give myself an at-home manicure. I am always renewed and refreshed for Monday morning knowing that I took time to care for myself.
  5. Go to church. My dad calls me every Sunday afternoon to ask me if I went to church. I don’t always say yes, but when I do go to church, my week is just so much better. Get your Jesus on to settle your spirit before the work week gets crazy.
  6. Or just drink all day. Another way to forget your responsibilities is to plan a very #basic Sunday Funday and find a winery. Spend the entire day sipping and Snapchatting; you’ll have so much fun giggling with your girls that you ain’t even worried about Monday’s staff meeting.
  7. Be productive. Find an at-home project that will take your mind off of an at-work project. There’s tons of stuff you’ve wanted to get around to, so just do it already. Organize your closet, clean out the garage, or paint the guest bathroom. Become obsessed with something other than a client meeting, and you’ll actually feel so much calmer because you didn’t obsesses the shit out of it.
  8. Get your mind right. If you’re really feeling anxious about Monday’s to-do list, why don’t you get started on Sunday? Grab your notebook, and start organizing your thoughts, projects, and deadlines. Make a list of emails you need to send first thing in the a.m., or draft them and save to send when you get to the office. You’ll feel ahead of the game, which will ease that overwhelming sense of “I have so much to do.” I’m an obsessive planner and map out my entire week on Sunday; work and social obligations, errands, and gym time are all penciled in, so I can feel in control of my life. Chaos causes stress and stress causes wrinkles, so plan to fail, and look old, if you fail to plan.
  9. Get away. I’m also a huge fan of running from my problems, so plan a day trip to the beach, the lake, or the mountains and just get the hell away from life. Enjoy the company of those you love in a new surrounding, and you might forget you even have a job; it’s the best feeling ever.

Tell me all the ways you cure the Sunday Blues. How do you deal with the dread of Monday morning?


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