meet the mess

Believe it or not, I was once a total hot mess. After college, and in my early twenties, I had a hard time navigating this thing they call employment. My main concern at the time was how quickly I could obtain a husband and a Louis Vuitton bag. I knew I needed money, because I had to pay for Starbucks, but I so did not want to work for it. I thought it was totally acceptable to arrive thirty minutes late for work wearing a sweatshirt and Ugg boots, yet I couldn’t understand why I was never given a raise or promotion. It’s not me, it’s you, corporate America, and you suck.

It was actually me. In my early career, I’d been hired, fired, demoted, and disrespected; and it was entirely my fault. I was unmotivated, unprofessional, and had zero interest in developing skills that could contribute to anyone’s bottom line.

Then one day, a comment from a coworker rocked me to the core, and it was the wake up call I needed to change my hot mess ways. Since the husband thing wasn’t really working out, I knew I had to step up my game if I wanted a shot at success.Changes__face_and_blouse Full Length

Now I have a kickass career working in human resources; and I’m so good at my job because I used to be an HR nightmare. I know all the bad behaviors that have managers pulling out their hair because I used to act the very same way. I sincerely want to help you make the best of your career because, unless you’ve got a trust fund, you’ll spend a majority of your life working for The Man. You can achieve a killer career, and I created this site to provide helpful and humorous advice that can get you there. I hope you will stop by often for the latest on professional development, career coaching, HR trends, and how to not be a hot mess at work.