national seminars training review

If you’ve ever had a job longer than five minutes, you know that training is crucial. Thanks for hiring me, now how do I do my job?¬†Different companies have different strategies for training their employees: structured in-house training programs, on-the-job… Continue Reading

a message for the class of 2020

Incoming freshmen: listen up. If you think a college degree is a surefire way to land your dream job, you’re in a for a rude awakening. When you graduate in 2020 with a B.S. in total BS (e.g. Art History), good luck paying back those student loans. College may teach you the knowledge you need for a future job, but it won’t necessarily teach you how to do it. You need skills and some experience to snag even an entry-level gig. Continue Reading

what to wear to your next job interview

You must leave your high-end accessories at home if you want to be hired. While no one should judge your competence based on a wedding ring, or the car you drove up in, it happens. A monogrammed handbag and Louboutin’s can also send the message that your salary requirements are high and maintenance level even higher. Stay label-free for an interview, and park your Lexus at the end of the street. Continue Reading

shrm-cp/shrm-scp exam: my experience

My advice to prepare for the SHRM-CP is to read every word of those textbooks for like, a year. If you live somewhere that offers a study group or class that provides in-person preparation, do it. Take the practice tests everyday, and flash those freakin’ flash cards until you’re reciting definitions in your sleep. Especially focus on the different behavioral/situational theories, risk management, and the outcomes of an effective training program. Continue Reading