what to wear to your next job interview

You must leave your high-end accessories at home if you want to be hired. While no one should judge your competence based on a wedding ring, or the car you drove up in, it happens. A monogrammed handbag and Louboutin’s can also send the message that your salary requirements are high and maintenance level even higher. Stay label-free for an interview, and park your Lexus at the end of the street. Continue Reading

the one thing you shouldn’t wear to work

Why are ya’ll still wearing flip flops to your place of business? I have most recently witnessed metallic gold Jack Rodgers and, while I know you think you’re cute, I don’t know why you want to spend $125 to dress like a college sorority girl. You are a grown ass woman with a professional job. Bearing your feet among coworkers and clients is the opposite of professional. Continue Reading