interview coaching

Interviews can be crazy scary. I used to get so nervous during a simple phone screen, and a total hot mess for the real thing in-person. It gets easier with experience, I promise, and my advice is to take any interview you can get, even if you’re not totally sold on the job, so you can practice telling your professional story and land that dream job.

I have a passion for coaching and my favorite role at work is mentor. I would love to help you face your interview fears and can provide coaching in-person or via Skype – however you want to connect, we can make it happen. Coaching consists of the following and can depend on your timeline. If your interview is tomorrow, we can talk tonight!

  • One hour-long face-to-face session to assess the position you’re interviewing for; you career goals; strengths/weaknesses; and how to deal what you freaks you out (in-person or via Skype).
  • One  hour-long face-to-face mock interview to practice for the grand event (in-person or via Skype).
  • Personalized talking points to keep in your back pocket, so you’ll be prepared for any and every challenging interview question.

Contact me here for pricing and details. I can’t wait to work with you!